Products and Partners


With recent developments in technology both software and hardware, our ability to provide the best Specific Chiropractic care requires us to stay up to date. We are continually researching, testing, and looking at current and new technologies to integrate with Specific Chiropractic care. Listed below are the partnerships we’ve established to help our TATS practitioners be ahead of the curve.


EMR Systems

  • Katana



Having the right EMR system that supports Specific Chiropractic Care in your office is crucial in having a successful business. We’ve been working with Vitalogics for several years and have developed a software system that allows us to provide the exact needs for practitioners to deliver Specific Chiropractic Care. We’ve partnered with Vitalogics to provide our TATS practitioners to have the right tools to be successful.



We are excited for the new launch of Katana, an EMR system that integrates the needs of Specific Chiropractic Care and the modern needs of business systems. Can you imagine an EMR system that provides an ability for you to do all your 21st-century marketing needs also?

Stay tuned, as this partnership will keep us ahead of the trends happening in business.


Upper Cervical Knee Chest Solid Piece

Integrity Tables

Integrity Tables

Having the right equipment paired with the right practices provides our TATS practitioners an ability to handle the toughest cases. We’ve partnered with Integrity Tables who provides us our Upper Cervical knee Chest solid piece adjusting tables and adjusting simulators. Our TATS practitioners have a special code to use for exclusive pricing.


Computerized Infrared Thermography

Tytron Thermography


Objective measurement in Specific Chiropractic Care is an integral part of providing high-quality care. We’ve partnered up with the industry leader in Computerized Infrared Thermography equipment, Tytron, in providing the best quality and pricing for our TATS members. Please contact Tytron directly and share with them your special code that you received after completing a TATS intensive.

Learn The Art of the Specific and elevate your competency and proficiency in detecting and correcting the upper cervical subluxation so that what used to be considered a “miracle” becomes NORMAL.