2024 Weekend Intensive Offerings

Increase your understanding  |  Increase your confidence  |  Increase your results


If you are one of the thirty fortunate, and dedicated doctors, and students to be accepted into the 2024 TATS 2.0  Training Program, then you may attend any of the offerings below that we will be offering in the year 2024. If you are interested in what it looks like to be accepted into the program, and attend these events, click here.

Below are the dates, and locations of what we call the “in-person, hands on” weekend intensives. The majority of the content, we will cover virtually via webinar, and in the closed Facebook group, and various weekly, and monthly calls.

These “in-person, hands on” weekend intensives are designed to be clinical, applicable, and hands on, in nature, in an actual knee chest, upper cervical specific office setting.
You will start with us in Level I, where we will give you the foundation for competency.

Level II will begin your journey to proficiency, and ultimately into mastery.

Topics covered include chiropractic philosophy, upper cervical rationale, upper cervical neurology, the science of subluxation, upper cervical biomechanics, infrared thermography, spinography and the knee chest upper cervical adjustment.

Level II topics include a more in depth discussion into thermographic analysis, spinographs, case management, business administration and adjusting for special populations.

We take your results seriously.


Dublin, California

Date: JANUARY 26-27, 2024

The Specific Chiropractic Centers
6690 Amador Plaza Rd, Suite 125 Dublin, CA 94568


Little Rock, Arkansas

Date: MARCH 22-23, 2024

The Specific Chiropractic Center, Little Rock
8201 Ranch Blvd Suite B5, Little Rock, AR 72223


Spartanburg, South Carolina

Date: JUNE 7-8, 2024

Upper Cervical Spine Center
40 St Mark Rd
Taylors, SC 29687


Level I

  • Module 1 Philosophy / Rationale / Neurology
  • Module 2 Neurology / Thermography / Spinography
  • Module 3 Adjusting

Level II

  • Module 4 Advanced Neurology / Thermography
  • Module 5 Advanced Spinography / Case Management
  • Module 6 Advanced Adjusting

How to plan for an intensive:

A. Our intensives are designed to make the best of your training. Our first day begins on SATURDAY with a start time of 8:00am.

    1. For level 1, it is the foundation of our training and the bridge between what you know now, and what we’ll guide you throughout the weekend.
    2. For level 2, we pick up where we left from level 1 and review the key aspects of The Art of The Specific. Level
    3. We generally finish around 6:00 pm and encourage everyone to come together for dinner and socialize

B. Our first day is the most intensive day for both level 1 and 2.

    1. Level 1: we dive deep into biomechanics, neurology, instrumentation, and wrap everything together with a deep understanding of Chiropractic Philosophy.
    2. Level 2: we focus heavily on thermography, radiography, and training. Through perfect practice, accountability, this day is a major breakthrough for most attendees
    3. We generally finish around 6:00 pm and encourage everyone to come together for dinner and socialize

C. Our last day is where we bring everything together for both levels.

    1. For both levels, this day solidifies the content we learned and begins the lifelong practice and pursuit to providing the best Specific Chiropractic Care possible. We focus on scanning protocol, radiography, and adjustive thrust technique.
    2. We generally finish around 5:00pm to help travelers catch a flight back home.

Learn The Art of the Specific and elevate your competency and proficiency in detecting and correcting the upper cervical subluxation so that what used to be considered a “miracle” becomes NORMAL.