Bed Wetting

I know, this can definitely be a touchy subject and hard to admit, but this is actually is very common. As a child that bed wetted, I didn’t want to go to sleep overs, was scared that I would be made fun of and had low self esteem. I remember running into the bathroom at sleepovers to put on my “night time underwear” and frantically, trying to hide all evidence. Often, I would wake up earlier than the rest and tried to hide the evidence in a couple plastic bags before anyone would find “it.” This lasted until the age 11 and believe me, it was truly traumatizing.

We often thought bedwetting was from a kid that wasn’t properly trained, but it is much bigger than that. So, What is bedwetting? It happens more than twice a week of voiding urine while sleeping over the age of 5. Some doctors will even call it Nocturnal Enuresis which is just a fancy name for bedwetting.

How is bedwetting even treated??

  • Psychological and Social aspects (a patient can go to a psychologist and see what the root cause is from)
  • Common medications given to these children are Azo®, Myrbetriq®, Toviaz®, Oxytrol®, Detrol®, Vesicare®, blah, blah, blah….
  • What about the side effects of these medications?! Common side effects for the medications = dry eyes, dry mouth, constipation (some hallucinations and irregular heart rate).
  • “Bladder Alarms” are becoming an option for parents. This will wake up the child as urine is being voided. This will wake up the child to run to the bathroom

BUT Isn’t there another option?

Some clinical trials and case studies have shown remarkable improvement in the number of “wet episodes” following adjusting of the upper cervical spine (especially Atlas.) How cool is that?

If you have tried everything and are running out of options, then you have come to the right place! Both Dr. Alex and Dr. Alexa are extremely familiar with bedwetting and see such wonderful results. In FACT, we have not only seen kids stop wetting the bed, but we have seen a significant increase in self-esteem! Give us a call 925-560-0700.